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“I am the parent of a 13-year-old son, who has a genetic syndrome that affects both his academic and social functioning. We were having a great deal of difficulty getting his needs properly understood and correctly identified by our public school. Fortunately, someone recommended Ms. Pippin to us and our contact with her made all of the difference in our IEE. Ms. Pippin was amazing. She is knowledgeable and detail oriented. Her assessments with our son were thorough and extensive. She was able to clearly assess and convey his strengths and limitations, and her final report to the school was detailed and compelling. She accomplished in one meeting what we had been unable to accomplish in 2 years. I would highly recommend her to any family considering an educational assessment. We will not hesitate to use her services again.” --- S.T.  Elk Grove, CA

"In over 15 years as a Special Education Teacher, Lisa is by far the best Educational Psychologist I’ve ever had the privilege of working with. Her fierce commitment to high quality research based programming is clear in every step of the assessment process. Through mindful listening, compassionate collaboration, and meticulous attention to detail, she crafts comprehensive and insightful psycho-educational reports.


Lisa partners with each student to create a holistic understanding of their learning needs, immerses herself in the assessment process, and incorporates the latest educational and scientific research, weaving them together to create innovative individualized recommendations to support learning and growth. 


Over 5 years working together in the public school system, her reports consistently allowed our IEP team to better understand and serve even the most challenging students. Her recommendations were invaluable as we worked to create effective and impactful interventions for each of our students." - Amber Taylor, Oakland, CA

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