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Approach & Philosophy


My work is founded upon trust and relationships. I begin by listening with curiosity and compassion. It is essential that my clients feel safe and supported to engage authentically in our work together. Through open communication we can create a partnership to determine how the student learns and what supports or services can further their growth and development. 

In my career, I have participated in over one thousand Individual Education Program meetings serving in many roles from administrator, school psychologist, licensed educational psychologist, and parent. As a result, I understand the importance of collaboration and communication. No one person in the assessment process has all of the answers. We must work together to better construct a more complete understanding of the student in all their complexity. 

From this foundation we can begin to harness the strengths of the student, identify appropriate supports, and plot a course forward. By honoring all voices, we have an opportunity to understand and address the challenges that students and families face in our educational system. I strive to mitigate these challenges, as I  recognize that our educational institutions have a history of excluding, under-serving, and harming individuals and communities based on their race, class, ability, gender, and sexual orientation. 

As an educational psychologist, I welcome all persons into my practice and commit to examining my own conditioning, beliefs, and behaviors to create affirming and empowering assessments for all learners. I am actively working to deepen my capacity to dismantle racial injustice and prevent identity-based harm in our schools and communities. It is my privilege to continue learning and growing through this work with students, families, and educators. 

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